2015-09-24-Amazing Changes !!!

September 24th, 2015

I've been working on some blog entries lately and there have been some major changes going on at Bob & Tessie's house.  They work all day at their day jobs and then on nights and weekends work on making their house a home. I've seen the changes as they were happening and I was always amazed at what they accomplished from one visit to another, but then the other night I went back 2 years to when they brought us to the house they wanted to buy and Pa took a ton of pictures, thank God he did, because now we can compare before and after...I think you'll be impressed at what they have accomplished, I know my jaw dropped....so beautiful.......

Of course everyone has probably already seen the transformation of the downstairs bathroom...I've shown everyone I know and even some people I don't know, LOL, But here's another look....









Now for the Living room, which is so big, that there are multiple angles....


Entry Way 1


Entryway 2

...As you can see Bob took out the railing on the stairs leading down to the basement and built a new wall...Ripped down all the paneling and replaced it with drywall...Also he put in new tile in the entryway...and of course refinished the parquet flooring in the living room..(feels funny calling it the living room, we've always referred to it as the "parquet room". And then Tessie got to work decorating, amazing job !!


Living Room 1


Living Room 2.1


Living Room 3

...From this view you can see the stairwell down to the basement that Bob closed in, also the closet doors there in the middle...the next few pics are from this area....


Living Room 3a

...the new doorway going down to the basement!!

Living Room 3b

Living Room 4

...Amazing right??? doesn't even look like the same room!!!!  Even the little kitty on the couch, our Poof Cat, is new...LOL!!


Living Room 5


Living Room 6

....Amazing right????


Living Room 7


Living Room 8

...So beautiful huh? Now I know Tessie would like me to point out that it's not 100% complete...there are still light fixtures in the two entryways that need to be put up and some of the trim work and of course a few finishing touches when it comes to her decorating.

Living Room 7a

...Bob turned the closet into an entertainment center, all the equipment is behind the white wall, which moves so you can access it...the pallet wood looks amazing as a finishing touch too!!!

As you can see, they are both an amazing team!!! I can't believe the transformation from an old rundown farmhouse to a quaint beautiful farmhouse in the country!!

Stay tuned, these two just never quit!!! I've had a sneak peek at their next project, but I'll leave that to  your imagination...I will for sure post before and after pics of that as soon as it's completed!!!

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