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Southwestern Steak, Black Beans & Rice Star

Looking for something for dinner today and saw that I had a piece of steak in the freezer, I've also been wanting to start using up all the canned items I have in the pantry, so this recipe was perfect for that!!  Easy to make and...

2015-08-15-Our own Personal EMT!!

Shoot, Shoot Shoot!!! I was working today when Sheri drove her ambulance home to get some much needed coffee, so I didn't get to see her!!!  But Dad took some pic's and texted them to me so I'd be jealous...LOL!! Way too cool Sheri!!! What an...

Cinnamon Monkey Bread

I've been seeing this recipe on Facebook lately and I just had to try I bought all the ingredients and after dinner one night my son's fiance decided to try making it.  It looks so delicious and it was good, but we found that inside a lot of the...

Debi's Apple Slab Pie Star

Last weekend a bunch of us went apple picking and brought home a massive amount of apples.  I brought some to work and gave them to my sister Debi, who then created this INCREDIBLE apple dessert with them and brought it into work for all of us to...

Frittata with Ham & Roasted Red Peppers Star

A New Post!!! Yes, I finally got around to trying to update my blog!! First of all let me say that my daughter in law is amazing!!! Besides planning a fun filled weekend at their home, with indoor and outdoor movies and goodies that fit the theme...

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