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Cuban Pork, Black Beans & Rice Star

Holy cow this recipe got a 5 star rating before we even tasted it!!! Cooking in the crock pot all day long I thought I was going to die smelling it, it's that good!! And when Dad & Sheri tasted it, they couldn't say enough about how good it was, that...

Crockpot Sweet and Spicy BBQ Ribs Star

I'm always looking for a new way to prepare ribs. Since I prefer the country style ribs, which have more meat as opposed to the rack of ribs which is mostly bone, I've always had a hard time making them juicy. Well no more dry ribs with this recipe, they...

Pasta Florentine

I had such high hopes for this recipe, but it was just kind of blah, not much taste, so I wouldn't recommend it. 8-10 oz. penne pasta 3 cups medium mushrooms (shitake or porcini), stems removed, sliced 3 cups spinach 1 cup heavy cream 3/4 cup...

Cinnamon Roll Cake Star

This cake is very good, but I have to admit not as good as my sisters Graham Streusel Coffee Cake, (Click Here for the recipe.) I know, I know, they are two different kinds of cake, but if it's the cinnamon taste you are craving, your best bet is the...

Greek Tortellini Salad Star

I've been making a lot of salads lately, mostly because of the hot weather, but also because I just love the taste of fresh veggies!! In this case the veggies are mixed with cheese tortellini and feta cheese...YUMM!! Again I used the Olive Garden salad...

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